6 Things You Wish Your iPad Could Do for Business

iPad Could

There’s a lot of talk about the “post-PC” era, and with the announcement of the new iPad and all of its upgraded features, it seems like we’re getting closer than ever to full-time tablet use. And with innovative uses developing in multiple industries, we feel the device is taking baby steps into the big leagues. But for those who are interested in using their iPad for all of their business needs, even some of the new features are lacking.

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Does my business need a mobile app?

Mobile App

There’s no doubt that consumers are using their mobile phones to buy more and with increased frequency on their mobile phones.

Recently, Time Magazine – The Wireless Issue dedicated a whole issue to the launch of their own app and an explanation of how the mobile phone has changed how we communicate, explore, do business and pay for items we want.
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The Global Smartphone Industry: A New Era of Competition and Major Players’ Strategies

Global Smartphone Industry

With smartphone penetration in mature markets is pushing past 60%, emerging markets will become increasingly significant. In the emerging markets, smartphone makers, such as Samsung, need to compete with other rivals for a low ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) user base with low-priced products and sustaining profitability with an profit margin around 17%-18%, which will be a huge challenge for Samsung. As the global market for smartphones experiences hurdles curtailing growth, a shortage of 28nm chips and deferred shipments due to patent infringement issues are just a few impediments that have contributed to the downturn of Taiwan-based smartphone vendor HTC.
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